Carly Feldman - Backpacking Guru

No B.S. Backpacking/Budget Traveling Consulting For A Bad-a** Backpacking Trip 

 A real, candid conversation from an experienced backpacker/ modern-day nomad (me!) to help/chat with you about:

  • booking/finding the best, cheapest accommodations, flights and transportation
  • unsolicited advice for first-time travelers 
  • personal guides/tips/recommendations in cities and countries I've actually traveled in
  • ANY questions you may have about any topic (seriously... I'm an open book!)
  • how to meet both locals and other travelers
  • the best way to find local spots while traveling
  • how to save/maximize money while traveling
  • connecting you with my friends all over the world
  • how to find work/volunteer opportunities abroad
  • inspiration to just book that flight! (I've inspired too many people to quit their jobs and go... oops!) 


$30 up until the first hour!


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