Welcome to Carly’s NYC Walking Tours:

After backpacking around the world off and on for about two years while running her freelance social media marketing business, Carly’s passion for the world, history, human connection, culture and social change led her to become a tour guide in her favorite city, New York! Inspired by the countless walking tours she did throughout her travels as well as the extensive world knowledge she acquired along the way, she hopes to give back to both the local and global community through her informative, insightful and fun walking tours throughout some of New York’s most important and inspiring neighborhoods and streets. From the times of New Amsterdam all the way through the present day, Carly’s tours and the stories she tells will paint a vivid picture of New York and the amazing people who have lived here.


Early New York and The Financial District

This 2.5 hour walking tour covers the Financial District of Manhattan with detailed stories highlighting its earliest days as a tiny Dutch trading post (New Amsterdam), through the American Revolution up until present day New York as we know it! Stops include: Wall St, The New York Stock Exchange, “The Charging Bull” and “Fearless Girl” statues, Battery Park (with views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island), The World Trade Center, 9/11 Memorials and more!


Midtown Manhattan

From the majestic secret spots of the famed Grand Central Terminal to the bustling, congested streets of Times Square, Carly’s 2.5 hour tour through Midtown Manhattan goes beyond checking off the tourist spots on your checklist. With a detailed account of life in New York during the 20th century through WW1 and WW2, Prohibition, The Great Depression, and the times of Rock and Roll, the Vietnam War and beyond, the Midtown Manhattan tour will give you a whole new perspective of why New York came to be the city we all know and love. Stops include: Grand Central Terminal, views of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, The New York Public Library, Bryant Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and more!


Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown & Little Italy

This 2.5 hour walking tour takes you through downtown Manhattan’s civic center and City Hall Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge, through NYC’s notorious “Five Points” neighborhood, into the alleys of Chinatown and through the charming streets of Little Italy, giving you a glimpse of what life may have been like as an immigrant in mid-19th and early-20th centuries New York. Stops include: City Hall, The Brooklyn Bridge, Foley Square, Columbus Park, Nom Wah Tea Parlour & Doyers Street, Mulberry Street and more!


The Badass Babes of New York Walking Tour

Because New York would not be the city it is today without the influence, bravery and hard work of the incredible women who helped create it! From the foundations of Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive freedom to a place for women in art and education, to women’s workers rights and to a spot in the Supreme Court, this 2.5 to 3-hour walking tour of downtown Manhattan will explore the stories, lives and influential places of some of New York’s most important women.